The Right Way to Raise a Difficult Issue with Your Boss…

Raising a potentially emotional topic to your manager can be hard, especially if you’re uncertain of how they might respond. Whether you’re experiencing difficulties with a colleague, health issues, or feeling burned out, here’s how to raise the issue with your boss in your next one-on-one.

First, consider whether your manager can actually help you, and what kind of support you might be asking for. If this issue isn’t something your boss can help you address, perhaps they’re not the right person to discuss it with.

Once you’ve decided to share your issue with your boss, write down and practice your talking points. Consider their possible responses and plan for them. You might also let them know in advance that you want to bring up something sensitive in your next check-in.

Next, initiate the conversation with grace. Positive body language like smiling and soft eye contact can help you establish a warm, trusting mood. Then, lay out your talking points. If you’ve presented an issue that needs to be resolved, come to the meeting with possible solutions already in mind.

Finally, demonstrate composure and a willingness to adapt. Listen attentively to your manager’s responses. If they suggest revisions to your proposed solution, be willing to adapt and make reasonable compromises. End the meeting by thanking them for their support and verifying any next steps.

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