The Skills You Need to Grow as a Leader…

If you are a mid-level manager, you might be surprised to learn that your skills, while highly valuable, don’t directly align with those needed for the top position. Here are the attributes you need to develop to get there.

Forward-thinking mindset. To transition to a leader perspective, actively participate in strategic planning sessions, contribute to defining the organization’s future direction, and align your projects with these strategic objectives. Stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies that can shape the future of your business.

Calculated risk-taking. To develop a leader’s comfort with calculated risks, take on projects where you need to assess and mitigate risks strategically. Gradually expand your risk tolerance and learn from the outcomes of your risk-management decisions.

Optimism. Practice mentoring and motivating your team members, emphasizing chances for learning and growth. Focus on opportunities rather than obstacles, and develop a collective resilience to inevitable setbacks.

Resilience. Seek critical feedback—and respond to it with gratitude, composure, and a growth mindset. And practice approaching stress with a measured composure.

Empathy. Engage in active listening during project meetings and cultivate an understanding of team dynamics and diverse perspectives.

Inclusiveness and trust. Solicit input from team members with varied perspectives and backgrounds, and build trust by consistently delivering on commitments and being transparent in your communication.

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