Think in Percentages…

When we think of success or failure in anything in life we think it’s black and white. So we either fail or succeed in it. But in life, it is not always black and white, you may succeed more in some of the events or fail more in some.

It is somewhere in the middle, when we start on something it is close to failure, and as we keep working, it moves toward success. In the end, it is more toward success than failure.

Hence we should think and work in terms of percentages. For example, if you have a presentation, think about how can you make it 50% successful, then how to make it 60% successful by working hard..and so on…

This outlook helps us to be realistic rather than committing ourselves as a perfectionist and getting scared to even attempt it. So start thinking in terms of percentages and try to improve your percentages of success in your destined areas.

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