Thinking in the box..

If you look in the pasts and recall when have you taken the right decisions in a life-changing situation? For example, while buying a house where you have so many choices, you were able to select a house with good returns. Or choosing between two jobs, you selected the best one and are doing good in your career path.
The difference between a successful person and a failed one is that successful person takes a lot of good decisions. Implying that if we can make good decisions we will be successful. There is an old saying in Hindi “पैसा पैसे को खींचता है” meaning “Rich people keeps getting richer” reason they keep getting richer is by making right decisions confidently. Making the right decisions and the right time!
So how do we improve our chances of making the right decisions?
We need to let go of all our emotions and past history, for example, while buying a house do not compare with neighbors, but spend time in researching the area and future prospects. Take all the facts, information of the areas around, nearby offices, why u want to buy investment purpose or living purpose, etc….
Start “Thinking in a box” remove all the clutter, irrelevant, emotional thoughts and think very objectively.
It’s not easy to remove the clutter and have a free mind to decide, but if we can, most of our decisions can or will be successful.
So let’s try and use this framework of mind to make a better future for ourselves.

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