Thinking is an addiction

Here is the definition of “Addiction” – “the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance or activity.

In the case of “Thinking“: Mind’s condition of “nonstop thinking” is an addiction.

How much thinking we do on daily basis? Look at the hours we spent on thinking about oneself, what we did, what shouldn’t do, what we had done, how we can change this, what others are thinking about us. Blah, Blah, Blah…Mind just keeps rambling about all the things, true, untrue and more…

How can we stop thinking and start doing actions? Maybe cut the thoughts and just live the moment. Why shouldn’t we set hours, do things, to act, without thinking, without judging?

Imagine how a child interacts with surroundings without thinking and enjoying everything, this is one of the reasons children can do a lot of activities without even getting tired once, but we over think everything and get  addictive to use similar like other addictions like food and alcohol, although for this an Addiction Treatment Rehab Centre can help us. If you need CBT for addiction, visit the Cocaine Rehab Centre to get the treatment you need.

Thinking drains so much of our energy, as it drags us to mindless loop and specifically if its negative or worrisome thoughts? How can we get rid of these looping thoughts of negativity or worrying?

I think (What a dilemma I am still thinking :)) We can accomplish a lot of things if we just take up actions, without thinking and blocking ourselves. What do you say?

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