To be or To do?

The ultimate question is whether want to “To be” or whether you want being “To do”

You want “To be” if:

1. You are happy with materialistic things in life, with a low conscience.

2. You like to boast about yourself in your social circles.

3. You want to make others envy. Or be envy with others.

4. You enjoy the end more than the means.

You want “To do” if:

1. You are happy with smaller things, more materials make things complicated.

2. You shy away from boosting in front of others. 

3. Not much impact of others either ways (you don’t care what they have and don’t care what u have in comparison)

4. You enjoy means more than the end.

Off course these are extremes, we generally fall in the middle of “To be” or “To do”, its more like percentage, how much % “To be” and how much % “To do”.

So what you want “To be” or “To do” ?

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