Trivial from the Important…

One of the main things in life is to differentiate between trivial and important. Look at any of our work areas.

In a job, if we are stuck with clutter, politics, or daily menial tasks we are doomed because there will be no growth.

In-home, if we are stuck with household work and couldn’t reach daily important tasks like spending quality time with family, in long run it will lead to unhappiness.

In sports, if we are stuck keep learning the basics, and do not practice the important moves, no learning, and no growth.

In a startup, as a leader, if we cannot differentiate the clutter and low priorities with higher and impactful tasks, we will be left behind and fail.

The clear sign to identify whether we are doing trivial or critical/essential things is seeing our own growth. So keep a close eye on your growth.

It’s simple no growth, no glory!

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