Try This Hack to Communicate More Effectively…

Try This Hack to Communicate More Effectively

Great communicators draw a roadmap that guides both themselves and their audience from point A to point B efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re giving an impromptu pitch or an annual presentation in the boardroom, this three-part framework can help you communicate more clearly, persuasively, and memorably. It requires three simple questions:

  1. What: Start by describing and defining the facts, situation, position, etc., that you and your audience are dealing with.
  2. So What: Then, move on to discussing the implications or importance for the audience. In other words, why is this relevant to them? Why should they care?
  3. Now What: End by outlining an action plan or next steps. This could be as complex as rolling out a new product or business plan, or as simple as setting up a follow-up meeting to check in.

This structure not only helps you organize your thoughts; it also serves as a guidepost for your audience, making the information easier to follow and act upon.

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