Understand Your Approach to Collaboration…

Creativity isn’t a characteristic that you either have or don’t—we all possess it, and each of us approaches creative collaboration in a certain way. Understanding your own approach can give you the freedom to be yourself, play to your strengths, acknowledge your development areas, and partner with creative opposites who will complement your thinking style, greatly improving your work. Here’s how to take stock of your creative type. 

The next time you’re in a brainstorm or a team meeting, pay attention to when and how you contribute. Are you often one of the first people to speak, pitching novel ideas and generating starting points in conversation? If so, consider yourself an inventor. If, on the other hand, you tend to shape, refine, and build on other people’s ideas, then you’re more of an editor. These labels are imperfect, and they shouldn’t feel restrictive. But they can help you develop more self-awareness and position yourself—and your team—for more successful collaboration.

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