Want to Create a High-Performing Employee?

Every leader wants to create or convert a low-performing employee into high performing. One piece that’s often missing is the importance of social connections. If you’re trying to supercharge a person, here are research-backed ways you can foster greater connectedness:

Invest time in bonding over non-work topics. 

The best way to instill trust and emotional attachment is to bond over personal topics. In fact, discussing things not related to work — sports, books, and family, for example — reveals shared interests, and allows connecting in genuine ways, which yields closer friendships and better relationships.

Openly appreciate expressiveness.

Recognition is often a more powerful motivating force than monetary incentives. And an acknowledgment of being expressive not just work should be the norm. It allows her the open up with you and the team boosting her self-confidence and trust.

Put a premium on authenticity. 

It’s important to create an environment where employees feel comfortable candidly expressing both positive and negative emotions — as well as complimenting and joking with teammates. This kind of environment has an inductive effect on lower-performing employees and they start performing well. 

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