Wasting time…is it?

Have u got the feeling of guilt while doing a meaningless activity like watching TV or playing mobile games etc?
Are you wasting time on it?
Why does it give a feeling of guilt suggesting we should be doing something better? Like reading a book or studying?
Maybe its internal clock which is set in from childhood, which tells that study otherwise “you will not get good grades in exams”
So does this feeling help?
In one way it helps to allow us to respect our time and invest it in better activities.
It also depends on what exactly are u doing instead of the meaningless activities. What are you avoiding to do your recreation?
Study for Exams or Office work.
Office work.
Social Engagement.
Learning or Practising something for becoming good in it.
So how do we confirm? which one is more critical than the other.
One way is to get it validated by others, maybe parents or mentors.
Other way decide which lead closer to ur dreams! or long term goals.

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