Watching TV…

Have you ever wondered if we stop watching TV, what will happen? Recently we did it, we completely switched off TV and didn’t renew the channels. 

It’s been almost a month now. Here are the things which we feel with the change:

1. Good amount of family time, we keep saying weekdays we do not get any time but once you are back from office, lot of time goes on TV.

2. We have more time for books, music and other hobbies instead of just switching on the TV.

3. Lesser negativity, TV gives a lot of negativity in advertisements, serials etc and things which you have, you don’t have blah, blah. Whereas none of these things actually matter to make you happy.

4. One of the fears for us was how to manage our children ( One son of 7 yrs and other of 3 yrs). But they are happier and spend time with books, sports & reading etc.

Overall more positives than negatives of not having TV…I suggest you also try and see how it goes….

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