We should have affairs?

Yes I am talking about love affairs in life and off course till you get married 🙂 after that have love affair only with your spouse ;).

Now how in god’s name can having a love affair be positive and good? Apart from the usuals…..

First and foremost it makes you competitive it makes you open and get rid of the shy you! Don’t get that look now oh! I am the introvert and creative type so this is not for me. Or I am the topper types so these things are a waste of time! Or I am the next Einstein so…

In today’s world or any, you need to be bold and showcase yourself to others. This single trait increases your chances of achieving success tremendously and its hard, its very very hard, to learn. So if you would have done that affair you would have face this problem on how to impress the others, how to talk to her/him or how to approach the first time. Bottomline is this is what is required to sell yourself to others.

And “Impressing others” comes in handy in every phase of your life, whether it’s getting into sports, landing on a better job, getting good promotion from your boss or looking to start business of your own, think of anything and you require others to support or get involve with you to get success….

So if you have had an affair or proposed someone and succeeded after trying to impress, you are one step ahead of others who consider themselves too creative to do anything about it!

Note: A big disclaimer these are my personal opinions, follow it with your own risks!

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