What is this feeling?

Once in every two hours (Or a regular interval) do this:
Sit calmly for 2 minutes (I know it’s difficult) and try to understand what feeling u r going thru.
Is it anger, guilt, pity or angst what is it? And why?
Maybe its bad breakfast u had or someone didn’t do as per ur expectations or someone let u down…
Now try and put urself in their shoes to understand. Empathize with the person for 2 minutes ignoring your negative feeling…
Is the feeling joyful, happy? And why?
Keep the feeling as long as possible, try to understand how this feeling came and repeat doing it if possible…
Sometimes we cannot identify the feelings and its a bit confusing. Still, try to name the feeling if it’s possible and after some practice, it will start coming.
Try the above on daily basis, to lead much fulfilling and forgiving life, rather than always feeling muddled and anxious!

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