What to Do When Your Boss Keeps Changing…

If you work at an organization where constant reshufflings are the norm, you may find yourself with a new boss every few months. Here are some coping strategies.

  • Introduce yourself. Each time a new manager is appointed, you need to schedule a one-on-one meeting with them and bring a copy of your résumé. Talk about your working style, your strengths, and your goals.
  • Be accommodating. Ask your boss how they like to communicate, how often they want status updates, and how much detail they want in them. Then adapt your style.
  • Focusing on learning. Try to look at the prospect of a new boss as an opportunity to learn. Ask yourself: What can this person teach me?
  • Check your attitude. A new boss to get accustomed to is a challenge, but make sure you’re not wearing your annoyance on your sleeve. Channel your energy into making positive contributions to your organization.

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