What’s the best use of a leader’s time?

As a leader how you spend your time will make or break the success of ur company. I think here are the top three focus areas:
#Recruiting + Hiring
The team is the most critical aspect for the success of a company. And hiring has to be topmost in the lists, a cultural fit team with the best skill set in the given budget, requires a lot of balancing act for the leader.
But its the only way to grow and reach ur vision.
#Considering your team’s long-term strategy, vision, and culture
Keep thinking and driving the long term strategy and vision for the company, this will be the beacon for everyone to follow.
#Communicating the direction to everybody all the time
Consistently communicating with everyone to guide and show them the right path. If the driver of a bus is not showing the right direction how the team will move forward. Let everyone apply there skills, their forces but u need to be the director of them.


But how about for you? Do you find yourself spending time in these areas as a leader… or not?

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