Why almost all IT persons want to do a startup?

Why almost all IT persons want to do a startup and nobody tries it?

This seems more like Quora question let me try and answer it here.

So you have been in IT for past some years ( Varying from 3 yrs to 10+ yrs) and are visiting couple of college friends or colleagues, whats the discussion like girls/travel or starting a IT startup and get big bucks..

I bet startup is one of the main discussion point and everyone seems to have unique ideas that can be converted into million bucks Ah! if we had some money or time we would done it for sure!

It seems the main reason to do a startup is to get crazily rich in much shorter time, and hence everyone gets attracted to it. Grass always seems greener on other side, so when u r in job, it seems the owner of ur company has such an easy job running the company….

Why nobody tries it?

Not a right time and never will be, abhi to muskil hai yaar. Have to pay my new apartment EMIs, buy a car, or getting married thousands of excuses comes in mind.

Is it mainly money constraints or fear factor…

Let me know what u think?

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