Why we dont judge nature?

Ever wondered why we don’t judge nature?

Have you noticed that we do not judge nature, we do not say that the scenic view of sun should have more shade or it should have more brightness etc. We enjoy it with childlike curiosity and love. Why do we start judging ourselves or people? What changed us, not to accept ourselves and others as it is and look at it from curiosity and love rather than other negative emotions?

If we can stop judging ourselves and others, the world will be a much better place just like nature. Our mind will be free to do much better things……….

So like nature let’s observe our life and others with more curiosity and love, same as we observe mother nature.

1 thought on “Why we dont judge nature?”

  1. Maybe we don’t judge nature because nature isn’t good or evil. We don’t punish elms for robbing the grass of sunshine, or jail cats for murdering birds. But we humans are moral beings, and theft and murder, insult and harm must incur judgement. When we fail, we judge ourselves. Ideally, we admit our faults and become more decent, but without self judgement we remain blind to our faults and stuck in selfishness. Wisdom is knowing the difference between judgement that is healthy and judgement that is destructive.


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