Why we should NOT be in our Comfort Zone?

People or rather successful people keep saying if you are in your comfort zone change something, jump up / down, do something different and get out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes we get fed up with this..the question is why? Why should we be out of our comfort zone or try to be in difficult situation?

To answer this lets ask have you compared yourself with others, i am sure you do, all of us do. You would have compared yourself with neighbours how slim he/she is or how your colleague suddenly raked huge money in startup or your friend got a dream job with big fat salary. Do you also want to be in this lists? Do you also want to be “Where the Magic Happens” place ?

I am sure the answer is yes, you aspire all these and think how lucky that person is, oh! he got it so easy;

But the truth is all of them would have struggled and have been out of their comfort zone in the areas they want to succeed. This is simple truth which we do not accept because its difficult to be out of your comfort zone.

So next time if you aspire to become someone, or dream a big promotion or big car or “Be where the Magic Happens”, remember being out of comfort zone is prerequisite to being there…..

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