Wings of Fire…

I have read many books on self-help, management, and leadership, of US companies, and of billionaires.

But of them all, “Wings of Fire” by A. P. J. Abdul Kalamji is one of the top books I read in all the verticals.

It’s not just the story of a man – Kalamji, a leader, a visionary but a story of the definition of vision, the definition of wealth, the definition of impact, the definition of management, and most important definition of one’s destiny to achieve success.

In contrast to today, where wealth is defined by How rich you are? How much money did you collate? Where u travel? Where u live? Where u work?

It shows a journey, where wealth is defined by how much impact you have on your country, on your team, and on your people.  

I run a company where we have impacted 10 million students, and we have helped them succeed in their education. We have very less revenue and we are on a verge of closure. But this book guided me to see this as a success rather than a failure.  Impacting 1 Crore student’s education in India is a dream come true thru my company. Yes, we couldn’t raise funds, and yes we couldn’t generate enough revenue. But if there would have been really good governance in India, it would be a different story. (But this is a story for another day).

Read this book to understand what really wealth is, or could be. Understanding how your destiny helps you to take a path that sometimes baffles you. 

Also to learn how to manage people. Learn how to be a humble leader at the same time a visionary leader and learn how our faith can help us achieve anything in life.

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