Winning the game with singles…

In cricket there are 2 teams of 11 member each.

A team bats first and makes runs. Then the second team bats and have to make 1 run more than the first team to win the match.

If you have played cricket or watched it, you will know that the team can almost invariably win the match by pacing the runs made, being smart, and keeping the wickets instead of going at a berserk run making rate.

Pacing the “run-making” steadily gives a much higher certainty to win the game. But even at international levels, this does not happen, in fact, there is always so much pressure to make runs and win it faster.

Why? why not be smart take singles or twos and win the game rather than fall short of the targets and lose?

Maybe it’s our ego urging us to be a hero – Finish is fast, finish it mega! finish it with fours and sixes.

But at the end if its about winning game, so slow and steady has much better chance of winning.

Life is similar to that if we want to be fairly certain to succeed (Whatever our long-term goal is..). Being steady, pacing our innings gives us the best chance to win.

So let’s not burn ourselves in heroism, lets not go by what others have done to achieve, they might have got lucky or might have been trying the same for a much longer period of time, we never know.

Slow and steady still wins the race even in this digital era 🙂

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