Worried You’re in a Dead-End Career?

Every sector is vulnerable to disruption or obsoletion. The good news is that industry-level shifts don’t happen overnight. If you anticipate that your career is on a sinking ship, here’s how you can chart a new course. 

Look for a new job. Of course, you can look for a new job. If you’re updating your resume, don’t just focus on your achievements. You should also identify all of your transferable skills. Can you bring people together to work toward a common goal? Are you good at taking abstract problem statements and turning them into an actionable game plan? Make sure your resume includes your capabilities, as well as your successes. 

Another approach is to adopt a different mindset and think about how your company could evolve. What are its biggest vulnerabilities? If you were a competitor, what would you do to steal market share? Can you capitalize on — or better yet, invent — the next trends in your industry before they capsize your company? Most industries will undergo a radical change at some point. 

Instead of lamenting what’s coming, face those changes head-on. Your career depends on it.

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