Write it down to come out of emotional distress….

All of us at one point feel distressed or angry, it can be with ourselves or because of peers, bosses or spouse. We all go thru it whether we are successful or unsuccessful, rich/poor or of any age (Yes even kids today have much higher distress or stress levels). The best way to handle stress is how soon we can come out of it and be sane again:

So how we can come out of the bad emotional state?

The best and fastest way to come out of it is “Writing it down”. Here are few quick steps that can be followed:

  • Set a timer for 20 minutes to write it down
  • Using either a notebook or computer, write about emotional experiences which are causing the issue, also explore emotional experiences from the past week, month, or year.
  • Let’s not worry about making it perfect or readable: go where the mind takes us.
  • Also while writing let us not look for any solutions just write it down: What happened, how, when & steps etc.
  • At the end, we don’t have to save the document; the point is that those thoughts are now out of our mind and on the page.

With this, we can let it out and while reading it back as a 3rd person and we start feeling better. Sometimes this also helps us to come with solution to our problem.

Give it a try and be happier by managing bad emotions better…


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