You Can Develop Your Soft Skills—Even When You Work from Home…

In the age of AI, soft skills like empathy and creativity are more important than ever. But they can be a challenge to develop when you work from home. How can you build soft skills when you’re interacting with your colleagues over Slack and Zoom all day?

First, establish shared values and norms in one-on-one conversations. Start small by asking your colleagues about their work preferences, like when and how they like to communicate. Then go deeper, asking about their underlying motivations and passions.

Then make colleagues feel seen and heard. Use idle time in meetings to show genuine curiosity in your colleagues and practice your listening skills. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the agenda from time to time to have conversations about life outside of work.

Next, because you’re not getting the same on-the-fly coaching that comes with in-person interactions, you need to proactively seek feedback from your team and manager. This could take the form of scheduled check-ins or asking for immediate impressions after meetings.

Finally, seek out some in-person time. Even if you’re primarily a remote worker, finding ways to see your colleagues in person occasionally is an investment in your professional development. 

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