Lunch Time…

Lunchtime is unique; it serves as a barometer of your life, a measure of your stress level. If you have good recollections of lunchtime, it generally indicates a good life. And when I say a good life, I don’t necessarily mean a successful life. A good or happy life can be different from a successful one.

Reflecting on my school lunch times, I realize they hardly left an imprint on my memory. Perhaps, for me, lunchtime was synonymous with stress—caught in the whirlwind of impending homework, rigorous study schedules, and the constant push to be perfect in everything I tried.

My journey through school lunches began at Sainik School, from 6th to 10th grade. Unlike other schools, we didn’t carry lunch boxes; instead, we dined in the mess. The menu often featured overcooked chapatis, yellow dal, some gravy, and rice. Despite the food’s simplicity and occasional lack, our youthful energy and physical demands had us devouring what was served with fervor. Yet, this period in my life is a blur, devoid of specific lunchtime memories, overshadowed perhaps by academic pressures and a stringent routine.

Transitioning to DPS Korba in the midst of 11th grade brought no change to my lunchtime recollections. The stress and packed schedules continued to eclipse any memory of midday meals, till I cleared IIT JEE Exam.

However, college marked a turning point. Lunch times became enjoyable, characterized by good food and even better post-lunch naps, all in the absence of stress. Being at IIT assured me of my career path, surrounded by good food and great friends.

Yet, entering the workforce reintroduced the familiar stress, making lunchtime memories once again a gauge of my stress levels. The more stressful life became, the less I remembered about these moments.

As I look forward to the future, I hope for lunch times filled with less stress and more enjoyment, marking memorable moments rather than forgotten ones.

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