Sleepy head way to go – Sleep Benefits…

I am updating this older article that I wrote 5th April, 2019. I have been leveraging the sleep benefits for so long, I want you to all use sleep as best medicine.
In nutshell sleep has these benefits:
  1. 8 Hours of good sleep daily ensure reduced chances of heart diseases, prostate cancer or any kind of cancer & diabetes.
  2. Sleep enhances better memory and brain function, it cleanses of bad thoughts, specficially a nap can be used to immediate boosts our memory and performance.
  3. Helps reduce weight by avoiding craving of fatty foods, better sleep patterns leads to much lesser craving for low fatty foods.
  4. If you are better sleeper, you chances of dementia or alzhmers are much lesser.
What more we need? If a doctor told us, that there is a pill which gives all the above benefits, we would have definitely bought it.
Whereas Sleep is free!!!
So go ahead be sleep head? A sleepy head person can take a quick nap anywhere in any circumstances and can take them a lot. It can be anywhere, while traveling, in college, in office or in home. It’s amazing how a sleepy head can nap in any condition.
I remember once while traveling on a train in the hottest summer and long 36 hours journey and I slept most of the time. Everyone around me got amazed how can I sleep in these conditions. There are numerous scenarios like these where I have taken naps.
I am one of the sleepyhead person, and all my life whenever I use to take a nap. People around gave a sense of guilt, why are you sleeping now? How can you sleep here? You are wasting time by sleeping etc..etc…
But what sleep does is energize from anything be it stress, negative emotions, anger and lot more. It’s like you have got a new morning to start again.
Moreover, after sleep, you will find solutions to your problems. Imagine a cluttered room or closet before you go to sleep, but as you wake up the clutter is completely sorted out 🙂Sleep has so much power!
So don’t worry all the sleepy heads, its the best way to get toxic out of your mind. Use it as frequently as possible, let others envy you…
References have been added from Why We Sleep Book

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