Different ways to control anger….

Can we control our anger?

We all get angry and sometimes we do not have control or choice over the conditions which gets us angry. It might be boss or a colleague. Whatever be the reason it eats up a lot of our time and makes us feel very negative about everything else.

So how can we control our anger or at least come back to the normal condition in lesser time? Here are some of the points which we can try:

1. Identify the cause or trigger – Try to avoid the trigger which causes anger.

2. Walk away – Just walk away from the scenario or place. Yes, it sounds weak, but actually, it’s being much stronger controlling your anger.

3. Let go – Let it go, some things are beyond our control so just let it go.

4. Feel good – Switch your brain to something more interesting, some other sensations like below:

  • Eyes –  Watch something which is of your interests or funny etc. Take a walk in nature etc. Or Read something interesting.
  • Ears – Sooting music can really bring your mood up
  • Taste – Eat something which you like.
  • Skin – Take a warm bath or go swimming.
  • Smell – A fragrance which you like most

Based on these go try it out, and be less angry more healthy!!

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