To increase productivity divide your tasks…

Every week jot down all the tasks you have completed over the week. And categorize them as:

1. Tasks that you hate doing and can hire others to do for you.

2. Tasks that you hate doing but cannot delegate to others.

3. Tasks that you like and want to do yourself.

Consolidate these over a period of 2-3 weeks for these task buckets:

  • Tasks in #1  –  Hire someone (Even if it’s a slow start), it will help in the long term.
  • Tasks in #2 –  Build a system where you can work on those tasks while multitasking like watching football matches, listening to music, watching shows, etc.
  • Tasks in #3 – Work with a focus on it and grow yourself, as this is your favorite list of tasks. Become an expert in these.

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